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About Médica Fértil

We are a Reproductive Health Clinic with over 20 years of experience in reproductive medicine. We are pioneers in implementing genetic procedures of the highest quality and international recognition.


Our specialized medical team in gynecology-obstetrics includes international sub-specialists in human reproduction who have overseen more than 9,000 births.

About our Facilities

Take a sneak peek of our world class facilities for any treatments, procedures and surgeries in which our highly qualified staff work with high standards of safety.


We are located in the high renowned private hospital Hospital Angeles.

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Meet our Specialist

Dr. Juan Carlos Alcivia

Gynecology, Infertility, Assisted Reproduction Techniques, Laparoscopic Surgery, Hysteroscopy.

Dr. Carlos Eduardo Alcivia Smith
Dr. Julio Velazquez Velasco

Medical Surgeon with a specialization in Gynecology and Obstetrics, and Human Reproduction

Dra. Ivanna Michele Alonso Carrillo

Medical Surgeon with a specialization in Gynecology and Obstetrics.


What clients are saying.

Each testimonial is a unique journey of resilience and triumph, from couples who had struggled with infertility for years to individuals who had nearly given up hope. They share their experiences in their own words, describing how Médica Fértil became their beacon of light and support.

López Family
López Family
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We can't express our gratitude enough to the amazing team at Médica Fértil. After struggling with infertility for years, we turned to Médica Fértil for help, and they were truly our lifeline. The doctors and staff at Médica Fértil are not only highly skilled but also incredibly compassionate. Thanks to their expertise and support, we are now proud parents of a beautiful baby. We can't recommend Médica Fértil enough for anyone seeking fertility treatments.
Moreno Family
Moreno Family
Exceptional Care and Success
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My husband and I were on a challenging journey to become parents, but our experience at Médica Fértil completely transformed our lives. From the moment we walked through the door, we felt like a part of the family. The personalized care and cutting-edge treatments at Médica Fértil led to a successful pregnancy, and we couldn't be happier. The team at Médica Fértil is truly exceptional, and we're forever grateful for their help.
Herrera Family
Herrera Family
A dream come true
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Our dream of having a family became a reality thanks to Médica Fértil. The team's dedication, expertise, and unwavering support were key in making this happen. They guided us through every step of the process, and with their help, we welcomed our little miracle into the world. If you're looking for a fertility clinic that truly cares about your dreams and success, look no further than Médica Fértil.

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