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In Vitro Fertilization


Conventional In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a standard approach for infertility issues, especially when other treatments like Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) are ineffective, as seen in cases of fallopian tube blockages and endometriosis. In IVF, eggs and semen are combined in a laboratory dish, fostering natural fertilization, and resulting embryos are transferred to the uterus for potential pregnancy.



In this process, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is performed using donated eggs (oocytes) from a third-party donor. This process involves combining the donated eggs with sperm in a laboratory to create embryos, which are then genetically tested to assess their health and viability.

Our ICSI Method



The ICSI technique is used mainly in cases where the infertility is also of male origin. For this procedure, the embryologist makes a selection of the spermatozoon, to later introduce it inside the egg through a microinjector.

In the case of ICSI, high sperm quality is not required, since the sperm will be of great help to fertilize the egg, increasing its success rate. The pregnancy rate per treatment is comparable to the success rate of the classic IVF method, and that with often very limited quality of the sperm material.



Much like the IVF process, the ICSI procedure also affords the option of selecting the gender of the embryo. This allows you to make a choice between a male or female embryo before the implantation process, customizing your ICSI journey to align precisely with your family planning aspirations

Fertility Treatments



At Médica Fértil, we offer the innovative service of ovarian rejuvenation, which focuses on restoring ovarian function and enhancing egg quality. It involves the injection of the patient’s Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) into the ovaries, promoting the growth of new follicles and potentially increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy.

The procedure is minimally invasive and can be performed as outpatient surgery.



Tubal ligation reversal, a specialized surgery, offers hope to women who, having decided not to have more children, wish to conceive naturally. Our cutting-edge tool, the DaVinci system, combines surgeon precision with advanced technology. During the procedure, it enables delicate microsuturing on the fallopian tubes, restoring tubal connection. This increases the likelihood of a successful pregnancy.

Through the DaVinc system, an advanced robotic platform, we perform tubal ligation reversal surgery with precision and safety, providing our patients with the best chance of a successful pregnancy.



At Médica Fértil, we offer the fertility preservation service, also known as egg freezing or egg cryopreservation. This technique provides our patients with the opportunity to freeze their eggs for future use.

Once we determine the quantity of viable eggs, they are extracted and stored at sub-zero temperatures to preserve their fertility level. This way, you can achieve a pregnancy when you decide.

Biological and Functional Medicine



Introducing FertDetox by Médica Fértil: A detox method designed for couples aiming to start a family. It purifies the body, especially for women planning to become mothers, eliminating toxins that may affect conception. Best done ideally 6 months pre-pregnancy, optimizing health for a successful conception. Our comprehensive approach promotes a healthy pregnancy.

Aesthetic and gynecological laser

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At Médica Fertil, we use gynecological laser technology to restore the firmness and elasticity of vaginal tissues. This treatment is particularly beneficial for women who have experienced changes in their vaginal anatomy due to childbirth or breastfeeding, which can lead to issues like vaginal laxity, dryness, and discomfort during sexual intercourse.

The vaginal tightening process stimulates collagen production in the area, improving the sensation of tightness and helping reduce the likelihood of associated problems such as urinary incontinence and genital prolapse. This procedure is performed precisely and safely, delivering effective results without causing significant discomfort or notable side effects.


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